The McCroaks project is focused on individuals having successful opportunities. Unfortunately, there are many individuals within our very own neighborhoods and around the world who struggle daily with issues that can be solved with a little bit of organization and love. Whatever the reason may be that an individual is stuck without opportunity Operation McCroaks wants to be there with the help of our community and volunteers to help all individuals in need. This is a huge task and we don't believe we can solve every issue that faces our communities every day. We do think that the only way to get started on solving these issues is to act.
This is where Operation McCroaks starts!!

Operation McCroaks is the not-for-profit side of The McCroaks Project! With a variety of issues to help relieve Operation McCroaks will have missions to help support the solutions. Some of the missions will be utilizing NFTs and the utility to raise funds and supply help to others. Other missions will be simply awareness campaigns. Some Missions might just be old-fashioned fundraising and volunteering! As the McCroaks Project grows so will the solution efforts...

You are the power to save the world. McCroaks is here to help organize and implement it!


Operation McCroaks!!


Get Urban Survival Bags in the hands of individuals around the world who need them.

Many countries struggle with supplying solutions for the homeless population, although CODE NAME TOADBAG is only a stepping stone to a solution, it is an effort to lend a helping hand and to love and support individuals as they get back on their feet. Through the power of Blockchain and NFTs, Operation McCroaks is creating a New Collection CODE NAME TOADBAG. Every Minted NFT will purchase a TOADBAG, the NFT Holder will have an unlockable content code so that the holder can either claim their bag to be sent to their physical address to have the opportunity to distribute the toadbag themselves or allow the McCroaks team to distribute the bag locally in the USA. If Toadbags are unclaimed after the claim period ends the Toadbags will be placed for request. This is where other holders can request to distribute the bags or have McCroaks distribute the bags. The Mint price will cover the price of all materials and shipping costs. Toadbag distributor claimants will also receive exclusive ToadDrip.

Secondary Sales: Profits made from secondary sales will go toward purchasing and distributing Toadbag. Holders can claim Ondeck Toadbags to distribute.

1st drop

250 Piece collection of 25 drops at a time (based on current market stabilities)
CHAIN: $MATIC (Price set to cover p1Toadbag and shipping)

Phase One: limited to 1 style bag.

PHASE 2: 2nd Drop
TBD piece drop
Get a supplier for more and better products.
Variation of bags/custom bags based on climate, location, gender needs

 Toadbag Budget
Solar panel charger  $40
Battery Bank $20
First Aid Kit $15
Hygiene Kit $10
2 sizes of Tactical Gloves $10
Canteen Thermal $40
Mess Kit $30
Waterproof Bag $ 20
2 Blankets $30
Poncho $10
Bag Poncho $10
Tent $50
Tarp $5
Rope $5