Agent McCroaks is a 101 Unique NFT collection of Toad McCroaks disguises throughout history. To start off the collection, 50 airdrops will be sent out. The 50 airdrops are exclusive to holders of any of the Toad McCroaks collections who request one. If any of the 50 NFTs for the airdrop are remaining after 12/23/22, the remaining NFTs will be offered on an invite only basis. The invites will not be exclusive to Toad McCroaks collections holders.


Public Mint & Reveal LIVE 12/16/22

PRICE: .01 $Eth
QUANTITY: 49/101
DETAILS: 101 Unique NFTs of Toad McCroaks Disguises. Holders have access to claim $Todi tokens. Mint will go live Dec. 16th 2022 for .01$Eth. Wallets will be restricted to 4 NFTs per wallet. Mint will stay active until Sold Out.

The Agent McCroaks Reveal

Once 80 of the NFTs have been minted or the deadline of 1/13/23 has been met, the 101 disguises will be revealed.

$Todi Coin

The $Todi coin is your ticket to participate in the Agent McCroaks DAO. Pre-Mint holders will be Airdropped 1 $Todi coin prior to the Public Mint. All Public Mint Holders will be able to claim 1 $Todi for free+gas for 2 weeks after the Public Mint goes live, unless the DAO chooses to extend the claim window. Afterwards the DAO will be available to vote on the 400 remaining $Todi coins. Toad McCroaks will hold 501 $Todi coins as the first Chair member.

Agent McCroaks and The $Todi coin

Agent McCroaks

Phase 1: Agent McCroaks 51/101 mint

Phase 2: Agent McCroaks Invite Airdrop

Phase 3: $Todi Airdrop to holders

Phase 4: Agent McCroaks Public Mint

Phase 5: Agent McCroaks Reveal

Phase 6: $Todi Claim for holders.