Pablo Knight’s NFT VOTE OFF

My friend Pablo Knight reached out and invited me to join in on his NFTVOTEOFF. It starts September 1st at 64 artists competing for the top spot. Voted on by you! O’ and Pablo Knight is doing direct wallet-to-wallet giveaways! Art, Giveaway, Brackets, It’s going to be Toadrific! September 1st at

Pixel Fighter Guild!

The Pixel Fighter Guild is a fun project designed to bring Tabletop gaming into the NFT space. With Quests, Campaigns, and Lure formulated for a true Roleplay experience within the blockchain.     “The Pixel Fighter Guild project’s aim is to a create a brand within the metaverse, table top gaming and beyond. One of […]

A McCroaks NFT Project.

Before I begin we first need to understand two fundamental aspects of crypto and Decentralized Finance: Blockchain and NFTs. First off, what is Crypto Blockchain? An article from Coinbase puts the definition simply stating that At its most basic, a blockchain is a list of transactions that anyone can view and verify. The Bitcoin blockchain, […]